Carignano Theather,

Teatro Stabile Foundation of Turin

Amount of Works:
€ 12.624.976,55

Object of the contract:
Assignment of definitive and executive design and construction management.

The Theater of the Princes of Carignano was born as a “family” theater “, as it was in use among the families of the local elders, between the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.
In May 1752, however, the theater, then named Trincotto, fell under the weight of his years and the changes he had undergone and in the same year it saw laid the first stone of the new theater built on a design by Benedetto Alfieri. In 1786 a terrible fire destroyed it and for this reason a new construction was imposed.
The restoration intervention was born from the desire to modernize the structure, imposed by the new representative requirements and to adapt to the recent legislation on the subject. The stage tower in concrete, the roof with laminated wood beams (Holzbau), the lattice and the stage were completely rebuilt; an orchestral cave was also inserted on hydraulic pistons to allow the latter to be moved. Inside the room, to improve the comfort of the spectators, a new air-conditioning system was created.