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AECODE s.r.l. joins professionals from the main disciplines related to the construction field, in order to create a professional reality that, drawing on its own experience, guides private clients and public clients, businesses and companies, along the digital transition of the building process, through the application of advanced and integrated design methods and technologies of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Industry 4.0


AECODE s.r.l. works in the field of architecture, engineering and building, and carries out feasibility studies, researches, design and construction management, technical and economical assessments, due diligence and facility management activities in the real estate sector, environmental impact analysis, through the application of the advanced and integrated design methods and processes of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Industry 4.0



Chief Technical Officer

Graduated in Architecture at the University of Naples Federico II in 1989 and enrolled at the Register of Architects of Naples, no. 4377, since 1989; authorized as Safety Coordinator pursuant to Legislative Decree 494/1996 and Legislative Decree 81/08 as amended. Member of the A.R.Co. – Building Recovery Association and speaker at conferences on specific restoration issues; founder at Studio Battista Associati – SBA. In many of the services carried out by SBA, within groups characterized by a broad multidisciplinary approach, he has taken on the task of integrating the specialist services, and / or the role of Construction Manager, leading multidisciplinary operations.

Among all, he worked on the preliminary, definitive, executive design, safety coordination during the design and execution phase, measurement and accounting of the works and construction management, refurbishment, restoration, extension and safety of the Egyptian Antiquities Museum in Turin (about € 31 Ml).

He has also carried out assignments as Construction Manager, supported by the BIM methodology, as for the restoration of the basement ashlar, external gates and gratings within the project of the “Refurbishment of the Aquarium and of the facilities of the Anton Dohrn Zoological Station” in Naples.

Graduated in Architecture at the University of Naples Federico II in 2016 with the thesis “Innovative tools to improve Building Process. Public Contracts and Building Information Modeling” and enrolled as an architect in the same year, he got a II level Master in BIM MANAGEMENT at the F.lli Pesenti Master School, Polytechnic of Milan. He collaborates as BIM Consultant at in2it, leader company in the ICT development sector and BIM implementation for contracting companies in Constructions.

He has also collaborated as BIM Specialist and architectural designer with Studio Battista Associati in the construction of the BIM model for the restoration of the basement ashlar, external gates and gratings, within the project of “Refurbishment of the Aquarium and the facilities of the Anton Dohrn Zoological Station”. He’s often invited as speaker on the specific topics of BIM in seminars and lessons organized at the Department of Architecture of the Federico II University of Naples.

Since 2018 he is also research fellow at the Department of Structures for Architecture and Engineering (DiST) of the Federico II University of Naples in the field of “Support for the definition of technical requirements for the management of public works in BIM”.



Chief Executive Officer



Chief Technical Officer

Graduated in Civil Engineering in 1968 and enrolled at the Register of Engineers of Naples section A to n. 4353 in 1969. Formerly full professor (now retired) of Building Science in service at the Federico II University until 1992 and then, at the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli until 31.10.2012, he was in charge of the course of Building Science at Italian Universities uninterruptedly from the academic year 1974/ 75 until 2014. Among the most important design services, he worked on the Preliminary, final and executive design of the Second University of Naples Polyclinic (about €32. Ml).

His scientific interests concerned: the static and dynamic analysis of structures; plasticity and break calculation; the theoretical and experimental study of the resistance of materials with particular reference to composites; the seismic engineering applied to the new normative ferments connected to the recent evolution of the theoretical and experimental approach of the great projects inherent to the protected historical building of the monumental and archaeological heritage.

In this context, prof. Migliore still operates today on a scientific and professional level on projects and themes concerning the mitigation of the seismic risk of large masonry structures with a particular speculative contribution to the stability of stone structures; to static and fracture analysis of ancient structural wood; to the methodological and basic arrangement, in a static, dynamic and breaking phase, of buildings in loose lands (garrison structures, dams, embankments).

Graduated at the Faculty of Architecture of Naples in 1986, she passed the test for the exercise of the architectural profession in the second session of 1986 and then enrolled in the Register of Architects of Naples in 1987. She received a PhD in History of Science and Construction Techniques, with a thesis, followed by Professor Salvatore Di Pasquale, entitled “The method of hypercirculation for masonry”.

From 1997 to 2002 she served as an 8th level technical officer at the Department of Construction and Mathematical Methods in Architecture at the Federico II University of Naples.

Since 2002 she has worked as Researcher in Construction Science (ICAR08) at the Federico II University of Naples. She is author of many publications, as well as organizer and host of seminars, conferences and lectures, on the subject of the design and conservation of wooden structures.







MEP systems designer (air conditioning, fire prevention, water systems, electrical and special systems), assistant to Construction Management and Safety Coordination in the Design and Implementation phase, fire prevention project designer, expert in energy certification, among the main services carried out, he worked on the integrated contract project for the extraordinary maintenance work on the offices, post office and archives located in the underground, ground, mezzanine and third floors of the patrimonial building located in Piazza Matteotti, Naples (amount of work € 702.920,72 , year 2011), the Project for the rationalization of fluid distribution networks for technological plants of the “MONALDI” Hospital – Naples (amount of work € 1,024,745.47) and the project for the construction of the new refrigeration plant for air conditioning sheds 4-5-6 of the ALENIA plant in Nola (NA).

Graduated in Architecture at the University of Naples Federico II with the thesis “BIM to Fabrication: Integrated design with Building Information Modeling and Advanced Manufacturing for the optimization of production processes in the construction industry (AEC)” in 2017, since the same year he collaborated as teaching assistant, ICAR 12 sector – Architecture Technology, also acting as co-supervisor for Master Degree thesis, at the courses of Building Technologies, Building Technologies for Architecture Laboratory, as well as the II Level Master’s courses in Building Information Modeling and sustainable integrated planning, held by Prof. Arch. Sergio Russo Ermolli.

He is involved in numerous research projects of national interest in the field of new integrated design methodologies and innovative technologies for the recovery of built heritage; moreover, he is the author of scientific articles and monographs on the subject of the digitalization in the construction sector.