Palace of the Prince Caracciolo of Avellino

Morra Greco Foundation – Dr. Maurizio Morra Greco

Amount of Works:
€ 5.274.838,54

Object of the contract:
Definitive design assignment, safety coordination during the design phase.

The Morra Greco Foundation for Contemporary Art is based in Naples inside the Prince Caracciolo di Avellino Palace, located in the “ancient center” of the city of Naples. As part of the promotion and dissemination of its activities, the Foundation has deemed it appropriate to set up a definitive project according to the current legislation on Public Works which, through a careful restoration of Palazzo Caracciolo, strengthened and enhanced the museum exhibition activity in order to welcome in the inside, part of the over 200 works by young artists, and gave it the role of a driver for Cultural Activities. The primary objective of the intervention was therefore the delicate restoration of the entire building, guided by a very clear philosophy: to preserve the building, for future generations, without compromising the architectural meaning and the functional contents of the complex as well as it was originally designed and executed in its historical evolution.