Through the use of the most advanced methodologies, technologies and tools, we seek for innovative solutions for a wide range of problems, guiding our customers in the digitalization of the construction sector.

Our services cover different fields of action, from architectural design to mechanical engineering, from design to urban planning, from building restoration to training on BIM and industry 4.0 issues.


Consultancy for public bodies, for public works contractors, in particular for Project Managers

Consultancy for private and public clients contracting private works, for real estate management funds


Architectural, structural and MEP design, feasibility studies, technical and economic assessment, environmental impact studies, urban planning

Consultancy for public bodies, technical studies and companies for economically most advantageous  tenders, managed and coordinated exclusively in BIM

Preliminary, definitive and executive design and works management; integrated services for the realization of “turnkey” projects

Scientific and technical consultancy, testing, measurement and monitoring services both on-site and in laboratory

Bio-architecture and research of eco-compatible methodologies through the use of innovative technologies, appropriate systems for the recycling of building materials

Services in the field of safety and hygiene of environments and worksites, certification activities for materials and products, equipment and machinery

Survey and diagnostics

Historical-archival-documentary surveys, stratigraphic analysis, monitoring of monumental structures and buildings

Cadastral and planimetric surveys, photogrammetric and cartographic returns, topographic surveys

Digital survey Scan to BIM using Laser Scanning and 3D Digital Photogrammetry

Technical and scientific support activities for validation, execution controls, legal proceedings, measurements, tests and inspections

Theoretical and experimental testing of materials and structures, with the help of electronic equipment for surveying and processing

Management and processing of databases in BIM environment for real estate operations such as facility management and due diligence


Organization and management of production and maintenance processes, development of IT solutions, market research

Staff assistance and training, BIM training, software courses, both on-site and at a distance