Museum of Egyptian Antiquities,

Museum of Egyptian Antiquities Foundation of Turin

Amount of Works:
€ 34.014.702,89

Object of the contract:
Joint assignment of preliminary, definitive, executive planning, safety coordination in the design and execution phase, measurement and accounting of the works and construction management.

The project involved the overall restoration of the historic building, the Schiaparelli body and the construction of two hypogeum floors in the courtyard. The architectural restoration involved the recovery of floors, windows, historical plasters, decorative apparatuses and the resolution of problems posed by the renewed use of the environments, in view of the overall reorganization of the museum, second in the world after the one in Cairo for the Egyptian collections. The Museum is one of the most visited sites of historical interest in Italy and a true center of attraction for the City of Turin, as well as a destination for uninterrupted flows of schools, thanks to the significance of the material on show. For these reasons, the entire operation was therefore organized in phases in which only parts of the collection were closed to the public, leaving visitors’ interest alive thanks to new installations and temporary exhibitions, with partial deliveries of areas already re-functionalized and open events.