De Simone Palace,

Municipality of Bracigliano – Salerno

Amount of Works:
€ 4.092.206,26

Object of the contract:
Assignment of preliminary, definitive design, construction management, safety coordination during the design and execution phase.

The palace was originally made up of three buildings, one of which was the main façade on which the elegant stone door of the Renaissance “flavor” opened, perhaps thought with a deliberately archaic taste. On the sides of this main body there are two building wings that are perpendicular to the slight slope of the hill. Unfortunately, some recent additions have diminished the original nobility of the plant. Inside, the rooms are arranged, as usual, like a sequence of rooms, a common distribution fashion at the time that testified to decorum and wealth.
The project intervention of restoration and re-functionalization has a double objective:
1) Recover and safeguard the original stylistic lines of the building through a careful architectural restoration project;
2) To refurbish the building container with interventions aimed at allowing the building to be used for an important role as an advanced cultural and tertiary center at regional level.