Citroniera and Grande Scuderia of the Venaria Reale Palace

C.E.E. – Ministry of Cultural Heritage – Piedmont Region

Amount of Works:
€ 32.404.856,66

Object of the contract:
Joint assignment of preliminary, definitive, executive design, construction management and safety coordination during the design and execution phase.

The complex of the Citroniera and the Grande Scuderia, which covers a covered area of 6140 square meters, represents the second important intervention of Filippo Juvarra in the Venaria Reale Palace. Bound by Legislative Decree 42/2004, it consists of a double building, divided by a common wall, which is accessed by a vaulted atrium. The Citroniera consists of a large vaulted room, a gallery, whose original function was that of winter storage of citrus fruits. The Scuderia is adjacent to the Citroniera and parallel to it but of less wide, and is divided from it by a wall destined at the top to be the ridge of the roof. The delicate restoration intervention, aimed at re-functionalizing the monument to adapt it to the new intended use, as a “public” destination, required specific and competent contributions on structural, systems, acoustic and fire prevention, lighting and safety, energy and artistic restoration aspects.