C.E.E. – Ministry of Cultural Heritage – Piedmont Region

Amount of Works:
€ 3.385.554,49

Object of the contract:
Assignment of preliminary, definitive, executive design and construction management.

Built in 1863 as a royal stable for horse breeding, Cascina Rubbianetta stands on the west side of Borgo Castello, inside the Mandria park. The harmony of the building artifact, characterized by a rigorous geometry and a valuable and elegant architectural language, are peculiar elements of the whole complex. In particular, for the main building with a horseshoe plan following an Anglo-Saxon mold, the loggia of the central body links the pure, but valuable, architecture of the curved arms of the present stables and the barns above, which, with the rhythm of the arcs generating the hemicycle, prospectively, they hook to the simple but decisive bodies of the head. The restoration intervention, aimed at the recovery and enhancement of the Cascina, intended to combine the conservation requirements, achievable through appropriate application methods, with the updating of the destinations of use and with the required functional indications.