Anton Dhorn Zoological Station,

Anton Dhorn Zoological Station, Naples

Amount of Works:
€ 798.395,72

Object of the contract:
Executive planning assignment, works management and safety coordination during works execution

The Anton Dohrn Zoological Station is located inside the Villa Comunale of Naples, one of the main historic gardens of the city, and presents itself as a historical building of architectural value. The object of intervention are the facades and the elements that characterize them, in particular the basement ashlar, the portals and the fixtures. In order to start the construction management in respect of the building with absolute caution and precision, cognitive analyzes of the elements constituting the facades and their state of preservation were carried out. In view of the results of the surveys conducted, a variant was developed for the executive project to integrate some processes deemed significant for the improvement of the work and its functionality. The object of the variation essentially concerns the reconfiguration of the ashlar and the consolidation of the wall surface. The design and construction management activities were supported by the Building Information Modeling methodology, thanks to which each ashlar stone was geo-referenced and classified with its own ID to which all information regarding type, size, degradation, intervention, items was associated of calculation and maintenance plan.