Ruins of the Castle,

Municipality of Avellino – Urban regeneration sector

Amount of Works:
€ 2.917.000,00

Object of the contract:
Executive design assignment, construction management and safety coordination during the design and execution of works.

The defensive system built on the hill where the inhabitants created a stronghold protected to the east by the castle, to the north by the Rio Cupo, to the south by the Rio Maggiore, to the west by high ramparts, was partly lost because of the transformations due to the needs of each historical phase and therefore it is no longer immediately recognizable.
The intervention of restoration and conservation was therefore necessary to transform an artifact to the state of abandoned ruin in a revitalized ruin artifact, enhanced through a new urban function of the site’s museum, with the conviction that the condition of ruin does not affect on the vitality of the monument indeed, in some cases, it represents precisely the state that requires a saving intervention such as to allow the building to free itself from the state of abandonment.
The architectural project represented the unifying tool, the only means able to suggest a path of reading and knowledge of the testimonies of all the layers that are present in such a significant complex.